The team at TriCal is licensed to apply fumigants to your soil through drip or shank injection in broadacre or raised beds. The fumigants are released below the surface of the soil and then sealed using plastic, bed presses or roller packers. Application can be done in as little as 14 days prior to planting as the fumigant rapidly diffuses through the soil and immediately starts eliminating the target pathogens.

When it comes to application equipment, TriCal can build it all for customers who prefer to manage the application
process themselves. From broadacre shank injection rigs, to compact greenhouse rigs, to drip application equipment. TriCal designs and builds custom application equipment to suit your fumigation needs and provide servicing support, advice and hardware.

The unequalled level of experience within the TriCal Australia team means we can offer clients a fumigation skillset with real experience in developing the design and commissioning of fumigation systems. In addition, our team can provide easy-to-understand technical advice in all aspects of fumigation practice utilising any fumigants currently available.

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