Improving the wellbeing of your workers doesn’t have to be complicated, formal or take up a lot of time. The most important thing to do is to make a start, no matter how small, and build from there.

There are a number of quick, cost-effective initiatives that any small businesses can undertake, such as:

  • Celebrating employees’ successes
  • Sharing knowledge with one another
  • Providing opportunities to learn
  • Regular check-in meetings to see how employees are going

Ask staff what they think would improve their wellbeing 

It’s important for your employees to feel heard, know that your interest is genuine and importantly, that the information they provide is followed up on. This could easily take the form of a casual chat and starting them off with a few of the above ideas to get them thinking.

Learn from the experts 

SuperFriend is Sunsuper’s workplace wellbeing partner and together we support employers to build mentally healthy workplaces for their staff.

Visit and head to the ‘Resource’ section to download a number of free resources including ‘Building Thriving Workplaces’ booklet. Article excerpt provided by SuperFriend.

Disclaimer: This article has been prepared and issued by Sunsuper Pty Ltd ABN 88 010 720 840, AFSL No. 228975, the Trustee and issuer of the Sunsuper Superannuation Fund ABN 98 503 137 921. Sunsuper is not a mental health service or employee wellbeing consultant and does not provide clinical advice or professional services. We’ve put this  information together as general information only and as such it doesn’t take into account your organisation’s objectives, situation or needs, or those of your employees. You should get professional advice before relying on this information.