Agricultural chemicals have an important role in the production of food, protecting plants from the damage caused by insect pets, weeds or disease. Many of these chemicals, however, can be hazardous and present risks not only to human health but also the environment and animal health if not used appropriately.

To manage these risks, the Hort360 Pesticide module helps you to identify areas of concern on-farm and provides the necessary resources to help growers manage chemicals safely.

Through the Hort360 Pesticide Management program, facilitators work with you to help you understand your legal and social obligations with regards to the application of chemicals, management and safety, monitoring and record keeping.

Hort360 is the best management practice program for horticulture. It is an online risk assessment tool designed to give you a 360-degree view of your farm business operation. Hort360 is accessible via a Growcom facilitator and/or your own login (complete and submit the registration form –

By participating in Hort360 you will have the opportunity to access on-farm technical support, on-farm training, professional networks and certification against Freshcare Environmental. All this will enable you to increase efficiencies, reduce costs, improve productivity and product quality, and build wealth.