By Growcom CEO David Thomson

Growcom welcomes a new project led by the National Farmers’ Federation to better connect farmers with consumers by shining a light behind-the-scenes of agricultural production.

The Telling Our Story Initiative, which aims to bridge the gap between city and country, has come at the right time when there are generations of young Australians who have little to no connection to regional growers.

This urban-rural disconnect has been magnified through recent agricultural issues, such as the use of glyphosate and the management of water in the Murray Darling Basin.

As the peak body for horticulture in Queensland, Growcom supports the NFF by continuing to share the stories of growers who are committed to producing fruits, vegetables and nuts safely and sustainably.

We hope this campaign can re-educate Australians on the truths of agricultural production and dispel any myths regarding unethical farming practices.

Although the gap between city and country folk may seem like its widening, consumers in developed markets are more interested than ever in where, what and who their foods come from.

The Ekka, kicking off this Friday, presents an ideal opportunity for city-dwellers and suburbanites to get a first-hand taste of Queensland agriculture and meet the farmers behind it all.

We encourage families far and wide to visit the Agricultural Hall and the Fresh Food Pavilion where they can learn where healthy and nutritious food comes and how agriculture impacts every area of their lives through showcases of rural life and agricultural innovations.

More transparent communication through campaigns such as the Telling Our Story initiative must strengthen the bond between grower and consumer, contributing to a more resilient industry during times of crisis, including natural disaster, drought and flooding.

This fully-integrated communications project will place producers at the heart of the story with farmers from all agricultural sectors telling their story of how and why they feed the world. Some of Australia’s leading voices including business people Sefton Communications managing director Robbie Sefton, Coca Cola Amatil managing director Alison Watkins and Qantas chairman Richard Goyder have already pledged their support to the campaign.

Growcom hopes the Telling Our Story initiative will galvanise support from Queensland’s urban and regional communities and ensure politicians and policy makers recognise the importance of agriculture’s contribution to our state’s economy.

We encourage horticulture growers that strive for excellence to get behind this important initiative and better connect what they do with their fellow Australians.

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