Do you grow fruit or vegetable crops, are thinking of growing them or do you work in a horticultural business? Growcom invites you to become part of a network of like-minded women by joining Women in Horticulture.

The Women in Horticulture program supports women working in horticultural businesses through networking, communication, learning and leadership activities. Membership is free.

Growcom’s Women in Horticulture initiative recognises the significant, distinct and essential roles played by women in horticultural industries.

The initiative supports women through networking, communication, learning and leadership activities.

Women in Horticulture has an established network of over 300 women.

The network aims to:

  • build a positive and professional identity amongst women in the horticulture industry
  • connect women in horticulture through networking and communication
  • support women to build their business management skills and leadership capabilities
  • raise the profile of the valuable roles women play in horticulture businesses, the industry and the community.

Through the Women in Horticulture network you’ll receive:

  • a quarterly e-newsletter
  • invitations to women’s networking and information events across Queensland
  • access to opportunities such as professional development bursaries and scholarships.

To join to network contact Jane Muller, Growcom’s Women in Horticulture Coordinator:

e jmuller@growcom.com.au
p 07 3620 3844


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