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Energy Efficiency

Growcom aims to advance energy efficiency in horticulture production through the delivery of services that move the industry to the forefront of sustainability and innovation. Horticultural production and packing operations are some of the most energy-intensive businesses in the agricultural sector. Initially, Growcom land and Water has sought to provide tailored energy efficiency information, tools, systems and extension solutions directly to horticulture, enabling growers to identify and implement processes and systems to improve on-farm energy efficiency.

As a joint initiative with DAFF Queensland, Growcom has developed a series of case studies and calculators  to provide growers with information which directly relates to their enterprise situation.

Growcom, in collaboration with NCEA, has developed a process enabling the energy assessment of a packing facility to be conducted. This is a three-step approach tailored to the property under review.

Available on this website are tools which you may find useful in assessing energy use, changing tariffs and selecting lights for a range of purposes. As Growcom progresses its energy services, more tools will be developed.